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Additive Manufacturing

We provide cutting edge additive manufacturing solutions. We have a range of FMD 3D Printers that are designed to fullfill all your additive manucaturing needs.

We also undertake special and custom machine requirements.

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Web Development

Representing your company or brand is very essential in these days of internet and connectivity.

We provide all kinds of web development services, be it a basic company website or an e-commerce platform

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CNC Machines

CNC Machines or Computer Numeric Controlled Machines are the state of the art machines that are able to do jobs at micrometer level precision.

We specialize in custom CNC machines for all your machining and automation needs.

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Industrial Automation

Industrial automation is the need of the hour. Labour costs are going up and competition is increasing. To maintain quality and competitive pricing industries are moving to automation.

We provide to process automation and semi automation of plants and factories.

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Technical Training

At A+M we provide techical training to industries and startups so that their employees can use technology to increase productivity and sales.

We provide all sorts of process automation training, software training and support for all our machines.

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Educational Colabration

We believe that students are the next generation of inventors and makers. It is essential to pass on industry knowledge to our future

We are always excited to colaborate with educational instutions to share our knowledege.

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